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Captain's Log :

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Airlock (p/s): B-13
Batteries , Emergency - A-03-05-07 ; B-10
Bridge - Main Bridge: A-01 - Battle Bridge: B-08
Brigg - Detention Cells: A-15
Captain's Ready Room: A-01 ; B-09
Captain's Quarters: A-09
Captain's Yacht: A-15-16
Captain's Yacht Access: A-16
Captain's Yacht Docking Port: A-16
Cargo Access Door: A-05
Cargo Bay 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10: A-02b-03-04-14-15 ...
Cargo Loading Doors: A-15 Port
Cargo Loading Doors: A-15 Starboard
Cargo Monitor Station: B-11
Cargo, Specialized: A-02b
Casino: A-06
Communications, Internal - A-01
Communications Office : A-01
Computer BUS - A-02b-03-09
Computer Cores: A-10
Computer Monitor Station: B-09
Conference Room: A-14 ; B-08
Docking Control, Manual: A-08
Docking Clamps: B-09
Docking Latches and Supporting Mechanics: B-09-10
Docking Tractor Beam: A-16
Education Center : A-10-11
Emergency Equipment: A-02b-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-15 ; B-08-09-10-12-13
Emergency Gases: A-02b-08 ; B-08-10-12 ...
Emergency Generators: A-07
Engineering Support: A-08-09-10-11-14 ; B-10-11
Engines, Impulse: A-09
Enviro/Life Support: A-02b-03-05-08-10-12-13 ; B-11 ...
Equipment Support Closet: A-02b-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-14-15 ; B-09 ...
Escape Pods: A-10
Food Processor/Synthesizer Equipment: A-05
Fusion Reactor Replacement & Maintenance: A-09-10
Gangway, Upper Main: B-13
Grotto: A-10
Gym, Anti-grav / Recreation Area: A-08
Gym/Holodeck Equip & Wardrobe: A-11-12
Gymnasium: A-11-12
Head - Rest Rooms: A-08 ; B-08-10-11-12-13
Holodeck A,B,1,2,3,4,5,6: A-10-11-12
Holodeck Support: A-10-11-12
Holo-Rooms - P.O.V.: A-11
Hull Locks & Structural Integrity Field Support Generation: A-07-08-09-11-12-14 ; B-08-09-10-11-12-13
Hydroponics Botanical Garden: A- 06 -07-08
Inertial Dampening Equipment: A-07-09-12
Lab, Astrophysics: A-10
Lab, Biological: A-13 ; B-13
Lab, Botanical: B-13
Lab, Chemical: A-06-09 ; B-10-12-13
Lab, Future Fit: A-05-08-09-10-13
Lab, Geological: B-10-11-12
Lab, Geographical: B-13
Lab, Hydroponics: A-08 ; B-13
Lab, Physics: A-05-06-09 : B-13
Life Support - Food Replication
Life Support - Heat
Life Support - Water
Lifeboats: A-02a-04-06-07-10-13-14-15 ; B-09
Lifeboat Access/External Egress: A-03-05 ...
Lifeboat Monitor Station / Overide Control: A-03-13-14-15-16 ; B-09 ...
Lock, Magnetic
Lounge: A-02a-03-06-09-10-13-15-16 ; B-13 ...
Magnetic Lock: A-04
Magnetic Lock Equipment Bay: A-03-04-14
Maintenance Center: A-15
Mall/Grotto: A-06-07-08
Matter Distribution Unit: A-09
Matter Tankage: A-08-09
Medical Bay - Sickbay: A-12
Navigational Computer : A-05 ; B-08-09
Nursery: A-10
Observation Bay, Privacy: A-10 ; B-09-12
Observation Deck (p/s): A-03
Observation Lounge: A-01 ; B-08
Observation Room, Privacy: A-09
Offices, Misc: A-10
Personnel Quarters - A-02a,b-03-05-06-07-08-09-11-12 ...
Phaser Accelerator: A-04 ; B-10
Phaser Array, Dorsal: A-04-05
Phaser Array, Main Vetral: A-13 ; B-09
Phaser Bank Array: A-13 ; B-10
Phaser Bank Systems: A-10
Phaser Maintenance Equipment Bay: A-04
Photon Torpedo Loaders: A-15
Power Bus: A-01 ; B-10-11
Power, Electrical Closet: A-02b-03-06-07-08-10-11-12-13-14 ; B-12-13 ...
Power Feeds, Main: A-09 ; B-09-10
Privacy Observation Bay
Quarters, Personal
RCS Fuel Cells & Support: A-10
RCS Units: A-10
Recreation Area / Anti-Grav Gym
Security Detention
Security Detention Cells: A-15
Sensor Monitor Station (SMS): A-01
Sensor Platform: A-02a
Sensor Ring Access: A-10
Shuttle Maintenance: A-04
Shuttle Maintenance, Primary: A-05-06
Shuttlebay Control : A-03 ; B-12-13
Shuttlebay Hanger 1,2: A- 04
Shuttlebay Hanger 3,4: B-11
Shuttlebay Support: B-14
Shuttlecraft Refuel Cells: A-04
Shuttlecraft Turbolift: A-04-06 ; B-13
Shuttlepod Recharge Connection Bay: B-13
Sphynx Hanger Bay: A-04
Stellar Cartography : A-12
Storage/Cargo Turbo Access: A-07-09-11-12-14-16
Storage, General: A-03-05-07-08-09-10-11-15 ; B-09-12-13
Storage, Organic, Raw: A-05
Storage, Specialized: A-06
Structural Integrity Field Energizers: A-07-08-09-11
Support Equipment Closet: B-11
Tactical Computer: B-08-09
Tactical Support: A-01
Ten Forward: A-10
Theater: A-08
Town Circle & Square: A-05
Transporter, Emergency, 40 person: A-11
Transporter Grid: A-04-15 ; B-10-11
Transporter, Cargo: A-02b-04-15 ...
Transporter, Small: A-04
Transporter, Standard 8 person: A-06 ; B-14
Transporter Room - 1,2,3,4
Turbo Access, Storage/Cargo
Turbolift Maintenance & Repair: A-14
Tursiops - Aquadic Mammals
Tursiops Airlock/Access: A-13-15
Tursiops Crew Quarters Operational Area: A-13-14-15
Venting, Emergency: B-08-09-11
Venting, Emergency, Monitor Station: B-09
Waste Management : A-13-14- 15
Waste Reclamation, Inorganic: A-06
Waste Reclaimation, Organic: A-08-09
Water Reclamation : A-07
Water Storage: A-06-07
Weapons Range : A-08

Have you ever noticed, the people who oppress you are the same people that insist you need medication to overcome their oppression?
- At least for me, it eventually became obvious.
- Taking that into account and focus, enabled me to better address the situation; at least mentally.

Color Codes:

There are various reasons for the color codes used.

Gray buttons in general represents a lack of a link or
lack of information available on the link, if it is available.

Basicly the scale of data on the site pages follows the color
scale from left to right. Gray being the least amount of data
to blue having the most.

Purple buttons signify that there is much needed work yet
to be performed on the linked page, but may contain a small wealth
of information worthwhile.

Alternatively, hot colors like red, orange and yellows
commonly represent pages requiring attention or matters of importance
worth noting or investigating.
- They may contain matters of health hazzards or other cautions to be aware of.

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This collection is primarily for my notes and recalling of references, as reminders of things that I may tend to forget, that I may recall them for future reference once again if information is relative, worth looking into or considering in comparisons of today's current propaganda or hard facts. Many of these depictions and points of view may be debateable; as i find most perspectives have that tendency in individual or collective alternative perspectives of others.
- I am making systematic adjustments as time and health allows to remove unofficial music YouTube links etc.

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Word is not always black and white. Sometimes it's prismatic.
Word and text in ideas are not always black and white, but often prismatic in scope of idealisms.

- Listen ; Read ; Think ; Compare weights in Reason ; Encourage ; Adjust ;
- So much to learn, so little time.