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USS Dancing Violinist ~ - *New* - from "Warmer In Winter"
2017 Christmas * Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy *
Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling - World Class Dancing Violinist
Winner of Youtube Music Award - Artist of the Year - 2015
"Acquired over 1 BILLION Hits on her youtube vids, by May 2015"

Jediael7 - youtube
Look for the playlist entitled "Lindsey Stirling - Queen of Rock in Violin..."
for 271(+) Lindsey Stirling select music videos - studio - concert tours

Lindsey Stirling

Awards - Artist of the Year - wiki - +++
- Artist of the Millennium
- Violinist - Dancer - Composer - ...
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Starfleet History
- 47+ Original Songs - 50+ Covers
Personnel Review
- Encouraging - Humorous - Kind

Lindsey Stirling - Songs - Originals, Covers
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Lindsey Stirling Originals
Covers on Official Album

A Thousand Years (w. Kurt Schneider & Aimee Proal)
Activate - (B&N Exclusive)
Afterglow - page - (No Official link)
All I Want For Christmas * 2017* WITW
All of Me - John Legend ft. Lindsey Stirling
America's Got Talent - 2010 ; 2014 - Shatter Me w/ Lzzy Hale
Angels We Have Heard On High * 2017* WITW
- LIVE - Albany, New York ~ Palace Theatre ~ November 8, 2017
Anti Gravity
Ascendance - Jedi Master Violinist
Assassin's Creed
Beautiful Times - Owl City
Beauty and the Beast
Beyond the Veil
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day cover
Brave Enough (ft. Christina Perri) - Album 3 Title Song
Bright - Echosmith
By No Means - Eppic
Carol of the Bells * New Dec 01, 2017* WITW
Celtic Carol
Child of Light - (Shatter Me [instrumental])
Come With Us
Christmas C'mon - feat. Becky G - * 2017 * - Warmer In The Winter
Crystallize - *****
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - * New * Billboard * 2017 * - WITW
Don't Carry It All
Don't Let This Feeling Fade - (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Lacrae)
Dragon Age
Dying For You - w/ Alex Aris
Electric Daisy Violin
Fields of Gold - with Tyler Ward and Peter Hollens
Final Fantasy
First Light
Forgotten City of RiME - U2B page
Forgotten Voyage
Gavi's Song
Grenade - Alex Boye' & Salt Lake Pops Orchestra
Hallelujah - A Savior Is Born
Halo Theme
Heaven - LindseyTime - Bryan Adams cover - ~*Lindsey and Gavi Sing*~
Hi-Lo - Evanescence - Synthesis - 2017 - Lyrics
Hold My Heart - (ft. ZZ Ward)
I Knew You Were Trouble (w. Tyler Ward & Chester See)
I Saw Three Ships * 2017 * WITW
Into the Woods
Jingle Bell Rock * 2017 * WITW
Just Dance 4
Kairos - with Derek Hogue from DWTS - (*recently added)
Les Miserables Medley
Let It Snow - WITW
Lord of the Rings
Lost Girls
Loud - Jesse J
Love's Just a Feeling - (ft. ROOTY)
Lying - w/ Justin Williams
Master of Tides
Minimal Beat
Mirage - (ft. Raja Kumari)
Mirror Haus
Mission Impossible - with the Piano Guys
Moon Trance
My Immortal - Evanescence - & fan memorial for Jason (Gavi) Gaviati
Night Vision
O Come, Emmanuel * 2017 * WITW
O Come, Emmanuel
On The Floor Take Three
Orchestral Versions
Party Rock
Phantom of the Opera
Pokemon Theme Song
Pure Imagination - with Josh Groban & The Muppets
Radioactive - with Pentatonix
Riser - Dierk Bently
Roar - (Lindsey's riff of Katy Perry's song)
Rountable Rival
See You Again - memorial dedication for Paul Walker - w/ Khalifa and Puth
Shatter Me - (feat. Lzzy Hale)
Silent Night * 2017 * WITW
Silent Night - Dec 2011
Skyrim - with Peter Hollens
Smooth Criminal - live
Some Kind of Beautiful - Tyler Ward
Something Wild (ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness) [for Disney]
Song of the Caged Bird
Sounds Like Heaven - Marina Kay
Spider Man Theme - with pianist Lang Lang
Spontaneous Me
Star Wars Medley - with Peter Hollens
Stars Align
Starships - with Megan Nicole
Sun Skip
Take Flight - *****
The Arena
The Phoenix
The River Flows In You
The Scientist w/ Tyler Ward & Kina Grannis
The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On - CÚline Dion - * 2016 Billboard Music Awards - Article
Those Days - (ft. Dan & Shay)
Thrift Shop - with Tyler Ward
Time To Fall In Love * 2017 * WITW
U.S. National Anthem
Violin Rock - 2.
Warmer In The Winter * 2017 * WITW
We Are Giants (ft. Dia Frampton)
We Found Love - VenTribe
We Three Gentlemen * 2017 * WITW
What Child Is This * 2017 * WITW
What Child is This - 2012.12.14
Where Do We Go (ft. Carah Faye)
Who Wants to Live Forever - (The Tenors)
You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch * 2017 * WITW
Zelda Medley
Zizi's Journey

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Pictures of Lindsey
Wiki - Awards & Nominations

Tour Dates - Zizi's Journey

- 150915-16
Lindsey Stirling Periscope Lindseys learning

- 130510
Dancing Violinist Lindsey Stirling Discusses Her Favorite Video Games - Gamerhubtv
- [5:29] -

A few things you may Not know about Lindsey Stirling:
Born in California: September 21, 1986
- lived in California until she was eight.
Raised in Gilbert, Arizona
Lindsey's first job ever was working at Target on the sales floor, with walkie talkie. ref: interview Huffington Post Live interview, on her fb page Aug, 23 2016
160823 - Books read by *Brene Brown* - "The Gifts of Imperfection" , "Daring Greatly" and "Rising Strong" , she said they changed her life. on: HuffPost Entertainment
- "You've got to fall down sometimes; And the ones that ' success aren't the ones than never fell, they are the ones that know how to get back up again."
- regarding Piers Morgan - "It's just an opinion."
- "The biggest moment in your life is Always ahead of you, if you keep after your dreams, if you keep trying, if you keep pushing..."

Gavi's Song - Lindsey said that Gavi (Jason Gaviati) helped write it.

Hold My Heart - behind the scenes - background theme - pictures
- comments - Al (Alice; Alex) played by: Kyle Ezzarday - unning after Lindsey in the video.
Violin Rock was the first song she wrote (though it was not published on her albums) ref. Interview with Johnjay and Rich

Friends: Superwoman Lilly Singh ; Rosanna Pansino ; iJustine ; Cassie

Album 1 - Lindsey Stirling: - [12 songs] - Electric Daisy Violin - Zizi's Journey - Crystallize - Song of the Caged Bird - Moon Trance - Minimal Beat - Transcendence - Elements - Shadows - Spontaneous Me - Anti Gravity - Stars Align

Album 2 - Shatter Me: [14 songs] - - Beyond the Veil - Mirror Haus - V-Pop - Shatter Me - Heist - Roundtable Rival - Night Vision - Take Flight - Ascendance - We Are Giants - Swag - Master of Tides - Eclipse - Sun Skip

Album 3 - Brave Enough: [18 songs] - Lost Girls - Brave Enough - The Arena - The Phoenix - Where Do We Go - Those Days - Prism - Hold My Heartx4 - Mirage - Don't Let This Feeling Fade - First Light - Love's Just A Feeling - Something Wild - Gavi's Song - Power Lines - Forgotten Voyage - Waltz - Afterglow

Album 4 - Warmer In The Winter: [15 songs] - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Christmas C'mon - Carol of the Bells - Angels We Have Heard on High - I Saw Three Ships - Let It Snow - Warmer In The Winter - What Child Is This - All I Want For Christmas - Time To Fall In Love - Jingle Bell Rock - Silent Night - We Three Gentlemen - Oh Come, Emmanuel Released October 20, 2017

Other original compositions:
[3 songs +] - Violin Rock - Firefly - Forgotten City from RiME

Covers & Collaborations: (more to list):
- All of Me (w. John Legend) - Assassin's Creed - Beautiful Times (Owl City) - Bright (Echosmith) - By No Means (Eppic) - Celtic Carol - Come With Us (Can't Stop Won't Stop) - Don't Carry It All - Dota 2 Theme - Dragon Age - Dying for You (w/ Alex Aris) - Fields of Gold (Tyler Ward & Peter Hollens) - Final Fantasy - Grenade (Alex Boye' & Salt Lake Pops Orchestra - Hallelujah, A Savior Is Born - Halo Theme - Into the Woods - Just Dance 4 - Les Miserables Medley - Lord of the Rings - Loud (Jesse J) - Lying (Justin Williams) - Mission Impossible (w. Piano Guys) - My Immortal - O Come, Emmanuel - On the Floor Take Three - Party Rock - Phantom of the Opera - Pokemon Theme - Pure Imagination (Josh Groban & The Muppets) - Radioactive (Pentatonix) - Riser (Dierk Bently) - See You Again (memorial dedication for Paul Walker w. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth) - Senbozakura - Silent Night - Some Kind of Beautiful (Tyler Ward) - Sounds Like Heaven (Marina Kay) - Spiderman Theme (w. pianist Lang Lang) - Star Wars Medley (w. Peter Hollens) - Starships (w. Megan Nicole) - The River Flows In You - The Show Must Go On (Celine Dion) - Thrift Shop (w. Tyler Ward) - U.S. National Anthem - We Found Love (w. VenTribe) - What Child Is This - Who Wants to Live Forever (The Tenors) - Zelda Medley

The Original v

Lindsey Stirling ~ Happy Violintines Day, every day! :)

In the land of the Electric Daisy Violin, Zizi's Journey will Crystallize The Song of the Caged Bird. From a Moon Trance, with Minimal Beat did Transcendence arise, as the Elements cast Shadows on a Spontaneous Me I am lifted like Anti Gravity when The Stars Align.

Beyond the Veil in the Mirror Haus i think i heard a V-Pop.
It would Shatter Me if a Heist was intended from the Roundtable Rival.
Using Night Vision we Take Flight to gain Ascendance, knowing We Are Giants.
It takes Swag to be the Master of Tides. Check the Sun Skip on that Eclipse.

Lost Girls be Brave Enough to enter The Arena.
Rise up again like The Phoenix. Where Do We Go? You ask?
Those Days you knew your direction should light you up like a Prism.
Who would Hold My Heart? Are they a Mirage? Don't Let This Feeling Fade.
At First Light it seems Love's Just A Feeling. It's Something Wild.
It's like Gavi's Song brings those Power Lines from a Forgotten Voyage where I picture them in a Waltz and she shines to us the Afterglow.

Jediael7 - Feb.09.2017

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