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Cancer Cure

Dr. Max Gerson - CURED many "Terminal Cancer" patients through the use of nutrition and rejecting the pharmaceuticals in his curing system and methods. He, along with his methods are often rejected by the medical community to date, most likely because he had no need for pharmaceuticals in his methods of curing cancer. He used nutrition.

Food Matters & The Beautiful Truth ; Two movies that feature Dr. Max Gerson's daugter Charlotte, the longest living survivor of TB. She was diagnosed as having TB at the age of 12. At the filming of the movie "The Beautiful Truth" she was 83 years old.

From these movies, and what is said, it is easy for one to speculate or consider conclusion that Dr. Max Gerson was poisoned; perhaps a minimum of twice. It is said that he fell ill during his successes in curing others' cancers, and his assistant was stealing his records. Years later after he recovered from that illness, after he passed many years later, it is said arsenic was found in his bloodstream.

Actually curing cancer with nutrition? What a concept. "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" - Hippocrates.

Note: Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. pH balance important for more than just your hair. :)

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