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Contact - Jedi_Knight

May the Truth be with You... Always...

You can generally find me on IRC on

Find me in the following channels on DALnet:
- #America - has bot to identify ip and location
- #Chatheaven - general chat - gen-x online radio
- #Christian - no debates against mainstream Christian doctrines
- #ChristianDebate - good, respectful, no personal attacks
- # InfoWars - SSL
- # mIRC - mIRC official dalnet chat channel
- #mIRCHelp
- #mIRCIntro
- # USPolitics - Free speech to discuss US Politics, policy, etc.
- # Windows95 - DALnet's official windows help channel win 3.x - win 8

Just say " Jedi " in a channel I am present in...
and my mIRC will beep and blink. If I am at the keyboard,
or near the computer, I will respond.

If you don't know where I am and wish to find me on dalnet
type: /whois Jedi_Knight , if the response offers a list of channels,
simply click on one of the #channelNames to join that channel.

I hope to see you on DALnet! - sincerly Jedi_Knight

May the Truth be with You... Always...