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I-itis: - (me,me,me syndrome ; selfishness) - Lucifer was said to have this (made illness) - (Isaiah 14:12-14)

also See: Jesus Christ

also See: correction, Law,
. . - many are not instructed to instruct further in righteousness
. . - To know wisdom and instruction... - (Proverbs 1:2)

Isaac: - (laughter)
. . - Son of Abraham
. . - husband of Rebekah

Israel: (God strives)(or...: "(make) strait , direct, upright, meet, equity,(to, from) God"
. - Though my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, that I have currently defines the name Israel as: "God strives", years ago I gave away another Strong's Concordance, and if my memory serves me correctly, in that Strong's Concordance the name Israel was defined as the "Prince of God". Even so, if the name Israel is closer to "God strives", it could had also or rather held the meaning "to strive for (or toward) God" as God's calling to both Jacob, his sons and even all men are called to strive toward returning to God and His ways.
. - Alternatively Israel may be interpreted: "(make) strait , direct, upright, meet, equity,(to, from) God". If you have a Strong's Concordance with the Hebrew root words numerically listed in the back look at the words with ISR (strongs root #'s 3473-3477) , knowing EL (or AL or AEL) is translated as the "most high God" in Gen. conserning Melchezidek. Then look again at the word "ISRAEL" comparing (3478) (ISREL or ISRAL).

. - The name given to Jacob by God ,