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pedofilia - ages under 12. In comparing the Scriptures it becomes evident to me that God even outlined an age limit as to what should be considered pedofilia according to the Word of God. Issac at the age of 40 years old married the damsel virgin Rebecca. The age of a damsel given in Scriptures is the age of 12. This is where the limits are given. Not only does the Word of God mention the limit, but nature itself is also testimony to these limits. Damsels have reached the point of becoming young women. Even as several young women I have come in contact with which have become pregnant or have had a child at that age. A child does not give birth for their bodies have not come to the point to which adulthood begins, but a young woman does.



-- Praise to God attracts the Holy Spirit - (Psa. 22:3)
-- Praise and pray to Him without ceasing - (1Th. 2:13 5:17 Acts 12:5)
-- Sacrifice of praise to God continually - (Heb 13:15)

-- In summary, God gives one of the three answers in regard to what we pray for:
------ 1) Yes 2) no 3) wait
-- Prayer Requests
-- Lord's Prayer - (Mat 6:9-15)
-- ask according to His will and He will hear - (1John 5:14)
-- keeping the commandments assists in prayers being answered - (1John 3:22)
-- pray without ceasing - (1Th. 2:13 5:17 Acts 12:5)

[before Sabbath] [other]
. . - The sixth day of the week, the day before Sabbath,
when work is done to prepare for the Sabbath, so that no
work needs to be done on the Lord's holy day.