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Been there, done that.

The best way to overcome is to:
keep busy, doing something constructive.
Hang with people that make you: smile; feel good; laugh
Don't dwell on what challenges that may be disturbing you. This is counter-productive. The more time you focus your thoughts on what is beneficial and productive, the further ahead you will be. More on top of things. It can work itself out, with the mind focused in a positive direction.
Focus on knowledge you are interested in. Educate yourself.
Knowledge you acquire in life may help someone later.
Smile, find that joy inside you, raise it up within.
Helping other people, even with knowledge or a simple task, can often bring self-satisfaction within, for accomplishing something that actually helped somebody else.
Diet - Quality foods or lack of can often have adverse effect on attitude. Ensure you are acquiring adequate nutrition.
Excersize - even going for a walk in the sunshine may help, or whatever forms of excersize you feel is best to build yourself up.