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Don't Tread On Me

Gadsden Flag - U.S. Revolutionary War Don't Tread On Me - Movie

Flag - American Flag with coiled snake - Gadsden Flag
Movie Full on Youtube:

Alex Jones - News Journalist - Radio Talkshow Host - Author
Brian Schweitzer - (D) Montana Governor
Charles Key - Oklahoma - Federal Escrow Account advocate
Cynthia Davis - Missouri State Representative - 9th & 10th Ammendment
Dennis Kucinich
Dudley Brown
Edwin Vieira, Dr.
Gary Franchi - Producer - Dont Tread On Me
Gary Nodler - Missouri State Senator - Senate Bill 587
Jim Lambke - Senator
Josh Carter - Liberty Restoration Project - St. Louis
Michael Badnarik
Randy Stufflebeam - Illinois Congressional Candidate
Richard Mac - former Arizona Sheriff
Ron Paul - US Presidential Candidate 2012 - Congressman
Stephen Shute
Tom DeWeese - American Policy Center
Thomas Grady - Missouri Sovereignty Project
William Lewis - Director - Dont Tread On Me

Benjamin Franklin
Bonanza / Ponderosa TV program scene

Barack Hussein Obama (D) 2-Term US President
George W. Bush - F.US President 2-terms
Hillary Clinton - (D) New York Senator

2nd Ammendment of the Constitution - The right to bear arms
10th Ammendment - State Sovereignty curtails / limits Federal Power
Bill of Rights
Commerce Clause - Article 1 Section 8 Clause 3 - limits Feds involvement
Federal Escrow Acct - check-n-balance against unconstitutional acts by Feds
Missouri 'In-State' gun laws Void Federal involvement
Public Servants - (appointed to government positions)
Revolution of Freedom
Rights vs. Privileges
State Gun Laws Challenge Federal Control - Montana & Tennessee
State Sovereignty
US Constitution

The Commerce Clause - The Leash - House Bill #246 - Const. Art. 6
ENRON failure - clamed as CIA money laundering front
Federal Reserve System
Government Officials - that do not serve the publics' interests
Government violating the rights of the citizens
Government violating the Law
H1N1 Flu Shots
John Warner Defense Authorization Act
Opressive Corruption in Government
Patriot Act I
Patriot Act II
Rights Under Assault - Foreign access to U.S. gun registry
Secret Arrests
The New Federalism
Warrantless Wire-Tapping