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Energy Production - Graphine
Energy Production - Hydrogen Hybrid Energy - Automotive Fuel Suppliment
Energy Production - Magnetic Motors - DIY
Energy Production - Solar - DIY Heating - Electrical Conversion
Energy Production - Sterling Engine
Energy Production - Wind - Water Pump - Electrical Conversion

Hydrogen Hybrid Energy

Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Car - HHO


While skeptical about the possible downsides of implimenting
a unit like this onto a car I would drive, it did catch my
interest. Still it makes me curious of possible damage within
the internal combustion engine it could cause from prolonged
use. Also the word hydrogen for years has struck fear into
the hearts of many. At this point I would have to be reassured
that this process is not only safe for the engine life, but
also safe if the auto experienced impact.

The idea sounds great..."Improving gas milage substancially."
At current fuel prices today. Most Americans would agree that
we need more efficent ways to stimulate our economy and use of
energy available.

More research required.

Magnetic Energy - Production - (search - Over-Unity)

The Magnetic Engine - Free Energy

Magnnets + + Simple Magnetic Engine + + Alternator + + Battery == = ideal electrical power

  • Basic Magnetic Energy - (Watch all 3 parts #3 is POWER!)
    A1. -
    A2. -
    A3. -

  • Magnetic Motor to power household Free? !!!
    B1. -

    More Magnetic Power

    Magnetic Energy
  • powering Homes
  • powering Motorcycles
  • powering Cars
  • powering Trains

    This idea process makes me wish i was an engineer and electrician!

    How to determine the strength of a magnet?

    How Do Magnets Work

    - The Magnetic Generator in the Wheel?
    Variable field magnet motor

    Solar Energy and Heating

    Solar Panels
    - How to make your own Solar Panel - from Beverage Cans

    Make Solar Panel 01 MissouriWindandSolar - youtube

    Sterling Engines

    This engine appears to be propelled by heat
    Stirling engine example

    Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

    How To Build a Windmill - Windmill Energy