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Battery - Electric - Energy

Cells - Primary - (non-rechargeable) - list
Cells - Secondary - (rechargeable) - list
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List of Battery Types: [wiki]


12 Volt Solar Panel Auto Marine Battery Charger 1.5 W - $16.89

Primary Cells or non-rechargeable cells
Alkaline Battery
Aluminum-Air Battery
Aluminum-ion battery
Atomic Battery
Optoelectric nuclear battery
Nuclear micro-battery
Bunsen Cell
Chromic acid cell - (Poggendorff cell)
Clark cell
Daniell cell
Dry cell
Earth battery
Frog battery
Galvanic cell
Grove cell
Leclanche cell
Lemon battery
Lithium battery
Lithium air battery
Mercury battery
Molten salt battery
Nickel oxyhydroxide battery
Oxyride battery
Organic radical battery - (ORB)
Paper battery
Potato battery
Pulvermacher's chain
Reserve battery
Silver-oxide battery
Solid-state battery
Voltaic pile
Penny battery
Trough battery
Water-activated battery
Weston cell
Zinc-air battery
Zinc-carbon battery
Zinc-chloride battery

Secondary Cells or Rechargeable Cells
Flow battery
Vanadium redox battery
Zinc-bromine battery
Zinc-cerium battery
Fuel cell
Lead-acid battery
Deep cycle battery
VLRA battery
AGM battery
Gell battery
Lithium air battery
Lithium-ion battery
Beltway battery
Lithium ion manganese oxide battery - (IMR)
Lithium ion polymer battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery
Lithium-sulfur battery
Lithium titanate battery
Molten salt battery
Nickel-cadmium battery
Nickel-cadmium battery - vented cell type
Nickel hydrogen battery
Nickel-iron battery
Nickel metal hydride battery
Low self-discharge NiMH battery
Nickel-zinc battery
Organic radical battery
Polymer-based battery
Polysulfide bromide battery
Potassium-ion battery
Rechargeable alkaline battery
Rechargeable fuel battery
Silicon air battery
Silver-zinc battery
Silver calcium battery
Sodium-ion battery
Sodium-sulfur battery
Sugar battery
Super iron battery
Ultra battery

Battery Bank
Magnetic Loop
Resonance Frequency

Torque - holding torque (a.k.a. break-away torque): the amount of torque required to break the shaft away from its holding position, with motor at standstill and coil(s) energized with rated current & voltage.

Torque - pull-in torque: max torque at a given speed, for stopping/reversing without losing sync.

Torque - pull-out torque: max torque at a given speed, without losing sync or stalling.

Torque - residual torque (a.k.a. detent torque): torque produced by the motor's permanent magnets, when no coils are energized.


Hydrogen Hybrid Generator Magnetic Energy Solar Energy Energy from Heat Wind Energy

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Hydrogen Hybrid Energy

Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Car - HHO


While skeptical about the possible downsides of implimenting
a unit like this onto a car I would drive, it did catch my
interest. Still it makes me curious of possible damage within
the internal combustion engine it could cause from prolonged
use. Also the word hydrogen for years has struck fear into
the hearts of many. At this point I would have to be reassured
that this process is not only safe for the engine life, but
also safe if the auto experienced impact.

The idea sounds great..."Improving gas milage substancially."
At current fuel prices today. Most Americans would agree that
we need more efficent ways to stimulate our economy and use of
energy available.

More research required.

Magnetic Energy - Production - (search - Over-Unity)

The Magnetic Engine - Free Energy

Magnnets + + Simple Magnetic Engine + + Alternator + + Battery == = ideal electrical power

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    More Magnetic Power

    Magnetic Energy
  • powering Homes
  • powering Motorcycles
  • powering Cars
  • powering Trains

    This idea process makes me wish i was an engineer and electrician!

    How to determine the strength of a magnet?

    How Do Magnets Work

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    Variable field magnet motor

    Solar Energy and Heating

    Solar Panels
    - How to make your own Solar Panel - from Beverage Cans

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    Sterling Engines

    This engine appears to be propelled by heat
    Stirling engine example

    Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

    How To Build a Windmill - Windmill Energy