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Poison Supercharger
Reduces I.Q.
Calcifies Pineal Gland
Toxic Waste Product - aluminum & nuclear industries
Sodium Fluoride used in Mind Control - Nazi Germany
Fluoride in Toothpaste - Poison Warning
Tap-water Fluoridation is a violation of our informed consent to medicine.
Makes bone brittle - more bone fractures
Increases rate of cancer
fluorine reported most negatively charged element on the periodic table

Dr. Paul Connett: Professor of Chemistry -

Water Department authorities adding flouride to public water, practicing medicine without a license? - informed consent required.

US Studies on flouride results - "The absence of study = absense of harm?"
- The U.S. is not doing the studies, yet assure us it does no harm.

Flouride Free water - Amsterdam
Flouride Free water - Barcelona
Flouride Free water - Bazil , Switzerland
Flouride Free water - Berlin
Flouride Free water - Copenhagen
Flouride Free water - Florence
Flouride Free water - Frankfurt
Flouride Free water - Geneva
Flouride Free water - Glazgow
Flouride Free water - London
Flouride Free water - Montreal
Flouride Free water - Oslow
Flouride Free water - Peris
Flouride Free water - Rome
Flouride Free water - Stockholm
Flouride Free water - Tokyo
Flouride Free water - Van Couver
Flouride Free water - Vienna
Flouride Free water - Zurich

- Hitler used 'Sodium Flouride' in the water supply in Nazi Germany to control the masses.
- Poison in nuclear explosions that causes more death than the radiation
- Dumbs down the mind - medical researcher fired for stating such results.
- Toothpaste - check for danger or poison warnings on the tube.
- Makes teeth brittle in studies, other than kids ages 6-9 years old.

- flouride
130207 - InfoWars Nightly News - NaturalNews - Nearly 200,000 Australians have been released from the medical slavery that is artificial water flouridation thanks to a major governmental policy change. The Liberal National Party (LNP) government of the Australian state of Queensland has not only cut $14 million of funding that had previously been used in flouridation, but has also decided to allow local councils to decide for themselves whether or not to flouridate, a move that has already prompted the northern city of Caims to end its water flouridation program.

As reported by Tha Australian, former "One Nation" member of parliament (MP) Rosa Lee Long, who is now mayor of the north Queensland Tablelands Regional Council, successfully lobbied LNP to end a longstanding policy that compelled local communities to flouridate without approval from local residents. The government of Queensland last year also ended a policy that required larger communities to flouridate mandates in california and elsewhere.

David Knight denotes 'forced medication' & "medical tyrrany". Flouride sold on the basis of helping people with their dental health. There are alot of questions whether that does that or not, but there is NO question, that it is unsafe.

Hollywood propagada relative to flouride

Harvard study July 2012 looked at a couple cities in China, they looked into the effect of flouridation on infants. What they found was that levels that were only 60% of the maximum allowed by the federal government in America, they had the difference of between two cities, between cities that had no flouridation and a city that had flouridation added to their water.

They had three times the number of children that were characterized as mentally retarded. And by the same token, the children that did not have flouridation they had three times as many children characterized as bright.

'Pretty clear evidence, from this Harvard study that the effect of flouridation on children is to lower I.Q. dramaticly.

The NYS coalition that is opposed to flouridation, the President Paul Beaver said, even if flouridation reduced cavities... 'Is tooth health more important than brain health?' It's time to put politics aside and stop artificial flouridation everywhere.

New York Times - for decades the issue of flouridated water remained on the fringes.

But as more places like Fairbanks and parts of Canada take up in a more measured way, it is shifting from conspiracy toward the mainstream.

And so in other areas other than the United States, we're not having as much luck in terms of getting these things turned off, but in other countries, like you see in Australia as well as cities throughout Europe that don't flouridate their water like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bazil,Switzerland, Berlin, Copenhagen, Florence, Geneva, Glazgow, London, Montreal, Oslow, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Van Couver, Vienna, Zurich. None of those cities flouridate their water.

Do they know something we don't? I believe they do.
Now if you investigate the history of flouridation, you will see it is not a communist plot. It is actually a corporatist agreement between large corporations and the government to get you, not only to pay for their toxic waste out of the aluminum and nuclear industries, but also to drink it.

Now we have a report coming up here.
This is Doctor Paul Connett, he is an authority on flouridation and he has more information about that.

Dr. Paul Connett: Professor of Chemistry -

I think the most important thing to recognize is that it's extremely toxic, it is Very active biologicly, interfering with many basic biochemical processes: enzymes, G proteins, hydrogen bombs and so on. So it shouldn't suprize us that there is a wide range of health effects that are attributed to flouride.

But the bottom line is flouride is extremely active biologicly, that the first opponents of flouridation, going back to the 1950s were biochemists. Including scientists like James Sumner, who won a Nobel Prize for enzyme chemistry.

And incodently, there is no doubt that flouride damages health, because millions of people in India, China and parts of Africa have had their health ruined by flouride.

People have been crippled by flouride.
And many other health effects.

The argument as far as health is conserned is "Is there an adequate margin of safety?... between the doses that cause no harm, and incodently 'documented' in this report by the National Research Council, published in 2006?"
Here a fairly balanced independent panel looked at the literature for three years, and in this 507 page report

Flouride medication prescribed for children

Sulfuryl Flouride
Remove Fluoride From Your Body