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Food Matters - Documentary - Food

These are notes and documented from the movie
"Food Maters" a film by James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch
that I found on Netflix

"Let ty food be medicine and thy medicine be thy food"
- Hippocrates (460-370 B.C)

Hippocrates laid down the foundations for modern medicine.
He believed the human body had an innate capacity for self-healing

"First Do no harm" "Let thy food be medicine"

His "Hippocratic Oath" is still recited by medical doctors today.
Since Hippocrates' times however, our approach to treating illness has changed...
Todays doctors receive little, if any, training in nutrition.
Modern medicine revolves around "a pill for every ill".
And that's the way the sickness industry wants to keep it.

Once you start asking questions, you can't stop.

"Good health makes alot of sense, but it doesn't make alot of dollars."

Heart disease and cancer are the top two killers in the U.S. annually.
Additionally 39,000 people die due to uneccessary surgery and other errors in hospitals
80,000 people die to other infections in hospitals
and a staggering 106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions

1. Heart disease = 652,000 deaths
2. Cancer = 554,000 deaths

Less than 6% of graduating physicians in the USA recieve any formal training in nutrition.

Dr. Victor Zeines D.D.S., M.S.
- How old is your food?
If you think about it..your food really, in the best of times, is travelling between 1,500 and 2,000 miles before you get it, and is at least a week old. Which comes the next question.
How much nutrition value are you getting from food that's at least five days old?
And if you're lucky, you're getting maybe 40% of what you need.

Prof. Ian Brighthope
Nearly every food that you will find in the shops in the big city has been processed, has been delayed from shops. Quite often nutrients have (been) deteriorated or disappeared from the food by the time it reaches the plate.

David Wolfe
- We for whatever reason decided to spray everything with every kind of pesticide, herbicide, larvacide, fungacide. We decided were were going to geneticly modify things we don't know anything about.

Charlotte Gerson
..And one of the major problems is the soil and what we do to the soil and the air and the water and everything we take into our food.

Soil is used and used and used and nutrients are taken out of the soils and the soils become new deserts; And that's happening world wide. And we really do need to look at our systems of agroculture and we what we really are needing in producing food.

Charlotte Gerson
The so-called fertilizer is made up of three, mainly three minerals N,P,K, nitrogen, phosphorus and potasium. Well that's nice. But, the problem is that the soil requires approximately 52 different minerals. So where's the calcium and the magnesium and the manganese and the zinc and the iron and all of the other things I can't mention? Missing.
But when the soil is deficient, the plants also are deficient and weakened, and they lose their defenses. And the bugs come and attack them and the disease and the fungus and the disease and bugs come and attacks them. So now they come crying to the chemical companies. They say, "Well our plants are dying, the won't grow and we have pests." And of course the chemical companies are terribly happy to sell them pesticides and fungicides and growth stimulants and all kinds of other things

Through his intellect man has developed a superiority over every other form of animal life. From his modern chemistry, biology and dedicated research, have come thousands of chemical compounds all to help revolutionize the productivity of our own agroculture.

Charlotte Gerson
So what we're getting even if we eat just commercial vegetarian food we get deficient toxic food, because with all these pesticides and chemicals and sprays and all of that, the food is not healthy, and it's deficient. So we can't help to be deficient and toxic.

And then we cook it. And studies show that even if you lightly steam your food, you're going to lose the enzymes that are in it.

The simplest thing is there are live enzymes, or live workers inside of foods that help with your body's digestion of foods and the nutrients that are there. So raw foods should be a part of everybody's diet

When you cook food, your immune system reacts to it as a toxin. Most people don't know that. When you cook your food, your body goes through a process called Digestive Lucose Dytosis where it starts generating white blood cell activity against the cooked food you've eaten. Presumably because the cooking process bastardized the food structure in a way that the body can't recognize, so the body is now treating that food as a toxin. That's not a good thing for your body to do to the food you're hoping will nurish it.

There is a Swiss doctor by the name of Paul Kouchakoff who was one of the first people to show that if you ate a diet that was more than 51% cooked food that your body would react to the food as if it was being invaded by a foreign organism. Dr. Kouchakoff was the first to demonstrate that if 51% of your meals were raw that you would have no Lucos Sytosis or you would have no white blood cell reaction, so your immune system would not be activated with a false alarm. Because we are dealing with so many immune system problems today, we have to make sure that at least 51% of every meal that we have is raw, so we don't overburden that already burdened immune system.

How can you build a building that you expect to last 100 years when you put poor building materials in? Same thing with your body. How can you expect your body to last for a long and enjoyable lifetime if you don't put the proper building blocks in there? Everybody knows we are what we eat. If you eat garbage, you're going to get garbage

Think of it as chronic malnutrition, because that's what's going on. That's why people are tired. You're not supposed to be tired in the afternoon. You're supposed to be alive and vibrant.

This has lead people naturally to discover superfoods and discover that certain foods have an extraordinary quality of vitamins and minerals and all kinds of co-factors and enzymes and special chemicals that for example will cause us to live longer, will cause our skin to be softer, etc. etc.. Spirulina was consumed in Mexico City as the primary protein source for 5,000 years. Spirulina is the highest content protein food in the world. The Max Plank Institute discovered that 15% of protein is destroyed in any food, once you cook the food. Therefore, superfood plant-based protein sources are going to be a key food of the future, because we can get all the protein that we need from those sources, they've been undamaged by heat, and they are completely absorbable. They can be liquified easily, that's what I'm saying by absorbable. How much energy do you think it takes to turn spirulina into a liquid in your body? If you put spirulina in water, it's already liquified and you drink it, it will go into your cells like (snaps fingers) that. But a steak requires a MASSIVE amount of energy to liquify it and make it absorbable by your digestive system.

These superfoods can confer acceptional properties to your health and well-being.

Cacao beans stack up on the mineral content against anything in the world. It's the highest source in the world of magnesium, the highest source of chromium, it's very likely the highest source of iron. It's very likely the highest source of manganese, it's one of the highest contents of zinc, its one of the highest contents of copper. All the healthy co-factors needed for a healthy metabolism, it's in the cacao bean. It's one of the highest content foods of vitamin C in the world, but all processed chocolate has no vitamin C in it because heat destroys vitamin C. It has the highest antioxident content. That means that if we are really going to take advantage of what we learned in nutrition, that antioxidents protect us from DNA damage, viral damage, cancer, protect us from skin damage, etc., etc., it's either going to be this..and then we eat or its going to be this.. and then we eat. And this could be one of the most horrid chemical soup of all time, or it could be the most extraordinary superfood of all time, and it's the same amount of work to get it into our mouths.
We probably as a culture got our values inverted. We'd rather spend money on rent than the best food ever. We'd rather spend money on a car or a house than on feeding our children the greatest superfoods that has ever been discovered in the world.. because we don't know. It's just a value inversion because we got confused, we saw some program that sold us on buying this car