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HTML Introduction

HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language.

You can begin writing html documents with very little typing,
using a text editor, such as notepad in windows or leafpad in linux.
It is simpler than alot of publishers and web pages seem to offer
when looking for help to get started.

For beginners, i suggest you begin at my HTML Basics page
that i had written about 10+ years ago. The same code applies in
Windows 8 and Linux Mint 16, as did when i began typing out html
documents when Windows 3.11 was one of the latest Windows
and Linux Operating Systems.

Though Operating Systems and Browsers may have changed...

.. 'The Code Remains The Same' ...

I believe that many standards that work, should not be changed.

Unfortunately Microsoft Corporation doesn't follow such ideas
enough. If you have had computers with earlier versions of
Windows, you know what i mean. Many people do not want to relearn
processes to do the tasks they have learned to do previously.
I find it a waste of the peoples time. And as the old saying goes..
..'Time is money'. And few do not mind wasting money.

As i only use notepad for an html text editor, i feel that
the entrance of other html editors, and forms of software
that display the html source code, when using menu bar option
in an html document .. View_Source (alt+v+c), that cannot be
edited... I feel it is or they are time wasters set against
my precious time.

In Windows, using Internet Explorer, to view-source in notepad
and you cannot currently (a problem i have faced often after
upgrading Internet Explorer, here is the resolve...

in Internet Explorer
F12 key or click:
- Tools > developer tools > Customize Internet Explorer View Source
select notepad

Notepad html editing tip:
Ctrl + F = Find
Ctrl + H = Find+ReplaceWith [All]

Change View Source in Firefox

1. Type about:config into the location bar and press enter
2. Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
3. In the filter box type view_source
4. Double-click view_source.editor.external to change its value to true
5. Double-click on view_source.editor.path and set it to C:\Windows\notepad.exe or alternative prefered text editor