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Dew, Rob
Dikes, Aaron
Henningsen, Patrick - 120606
Jackson, Jacari
Jones, Alex
Knight, David
McBreen, Darrin
Melton, Melissa - iw Newscaster - 121207
Ortiz, David
Watson, Paul

Agenda 21
Allen, Aimee
Banking - Cartels - International
Beck, Glenn
Bernhard, Prince - of the Netherlands, founder of Bilderberg Group
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bilderberg Group
Bisphenol-A (BPA)
Blair, Tony
Bill of Rights
Bloomberg (report)
Bowie, Robert A. - 1966 Bilderberg policy paper writer
BPA - Bisphenol A - plastics causing sterility, effeminance
Brain - effects on, from food, water, propaganda, etc.
Breitbart, Andrew - suspected murdered for video evidence against Obama
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carney, Mark - banker
Cell Phones
Cholesterol Conspiracy - 121209
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
Coconut Oil - 121209
Collectivist Conspiracy - G. Edward Griffin
Constitution of the United States of America
Corporate Media
Costas, Bob - 121204 - Alex calls for boycott of NFL, NBC &
De Gaulle - Nationalist
Dronemob - awareness get togethers
Drudge Report
Estrogen Therapy - toxin - 121209
European Union
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
Flouride - Sodium Flouride reduces intelligence
Forchion, Ed - 121031 - marijuana - Jury Nullification
Ford Foundation
France - 75%+ (80%) Tax
Fuchs, Ben - Phamracist - 121209
Gingrich, Newt - advocated world government
GMO - Geneticly Modified Organism
Global Warming
Griffin, G. Edward
Gun Control
Harris, Senator Fred - 1966 Bilderberg documents
Holder, Eric - for gun control - 121204
I.G. Farben - German Chemical Company
Illegal immigrants / aliens
IMF - International Bank
Internet Censorship & Control
Jefferson, Thomas - quotes
Kenedy, John Fitzgerald
Kissenger, Henry
Linderman, Curt Sr - 121207 -
McCain, John - wants to ban firearms
McCloy, John J. - US Asst Sec. of War WWII & German Chem Co. Lawyer
McDonalds McNuggets contains silicone (plastic)
Medical Marijuana - 121031
Monsanto Corporation - GMO Food producer - Agent Orange producer
Napolitano, Judge Andrew
Napolitano, Janet
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Newport, Dr. Mary - florida - 121209
Night Vision Goggles (on - can be a beakon of your position by the enemy)
Oath Keepers
Obama, Barack Hussein
OnStar - GPS tracking info - yours sold to other parties
Page, Jordan - 120606
Paul, Rand - son of Ron, endorsed globalist Mitt Romney
Paul, Ron - awakend many to Federal Reserve scam - Constitutionalist
Planned Parenthood - Bill Gates father first president
Prop 37 - Proposition 37
Retinger, Dr. Joseph H.
Reuther, Walter P. - head of the United Auto Workers
Romney, Mitt
Shatner, William - TSA drops his pants in public
Social Engineering
Sodium Flouride - reduces I.Q.
Skull and Bones - secret society
Staton Drug - biochemical poison
Strategic Relocation
Syrian Girl
Text Messages - Police > Congress to hand over your text messages - 121204
Trends Magazine
Trilateral Commission
TSA - Transportation Security Agency
United Nations
VADER - US drone sensor - 121207
Ventura, Jesse - Governor, Wrestler, Navy Seal - Conspiracy Theory
Wallech, Dr. Joel - biochemist - 121207 - book 'Hell's Kitchen' - 2 minerals
Wallenberg, Jacob - steering policy
Wallenberg, Wallace - steering policy
Warren Commission
Washington Post
Whitlock, Jason - 121204 - NRA is new KKK
Wired - news media
World Bank

Movie - The Obama Deception

Alex Pack - food suppliment pack
- Beyond Tangy Tangerine
- Pollen Burst
efoods direct
Five Star Soaps
Pro Pur - Water filtration system
Silver Lungs Generator -
Hot Water Rocket -
Solar Generator - ?