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What interested me in Linux over Micro$oft Operating Systems?

Linux Mint IRC Chat Network
/server | /join #LinuxMint-help

Linux alternatives to msWindows related software:
search result: ' windows-linux equivalent table ' :

Games for Linux (Note: Pure Linux vs Micro$oft software addon infectability)

Linux specialists recommend not to add any microsoft windows related software to your linux software if you desire to keep it virus free, saying that Linux does not attract viruses like microsoft software does. I have been told there is a 0.0000001% chance of getting a virus in linux (at least regarding inquiry-answer in #linuxmint-help); Though you risk opening the doors to viruses when you addon microsoft software. For this reason I keep one computer completely linux software based (no microsoft software added, no 'wine' no 'PlayOnLinux'(which allows for running of Windows based MMOs, such as SWTOR, World of Tanks, etc. for example)

Download Linux Mint

Burn linux to USB drive - USB Burner for Microsoft Windows

Get Weechat
- sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install weechat
rypervenche - Jedi: That will update your repositories then download weechat

Start Weechat in Terminal through command:

Jedi: read that wiki article it explains alot, like how to make it auto login
- http:/
/connect servername - connects you to an specified IRC network or server
/connect - will connect you to the IRC linux mint help network Then you will probably want to connect to an IRC channel on the network: /join #channelname example: /join #LinuxMint-Help

ctrl+r - Seach text in Weechat

/alias - gives a list of current aliases in weechat
/help window - gives list of windows options
/window splith 50 - splits window 50% horizontally
/window splitv 50 - splits window 50% vertically
/window merge - undo window splits
alt+left or right arrow keys - switch windows
F7 - F8 keys - switch windows

THEMES - background color, border color, etc.
xfce desktop themes - Linux Mint 16 Petra xfce
- menu > search > Settings Manager
-- select xfce dusk - for darker boarders (might be default without URL above)



Firefox : came with linux mint. It is regarded as the least buggy, least virus attracting browser available to my knowledge


Editors (text editors)

pluma (comes default with Linux Mint 16 Petra Mate (32 bit)
- Pluma did not open all html documents i had made, so it was suggested to get leafpad. Leafpad seems more the equivalent to notepad for windoze.



Get updates for Linux: in terminal, type:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
Enter admin password
Reboot after updates

-FLHerne- jedi: 'update' updates the package lists, it doesn't upgrade any actual software

-hpg- jedi, but do never: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"!

Wifi Disable:
-boggle- how would I disable reenable wifi from command line in mint?
-FLHerne- boggle: sudo rfkill block wlan0
-FLHerne- boggle: Check 'man rfkill'
-FLHerne- boggle: 'rfkill {un,}block wifi' would be better actually, that covers all wifi devices you might have

Picasa - Video Editor for Linux Mint 16

Audio Converter
Audio Recorder / Editor
CD/DVD Burner
Video Converter
Video Editor .mp4, .mpg

youtube-dl (Youtube Download)

youtube-dl is a program that may be found in your repository (check package manager) that allows you to download movies from youtube in .mp4 format through terminal.

Copy the URL from browser for the youtube page, and paste it in terminal (Shift+Ctrl+V) so that the line in terminal looks like:

youtube-dl URL or youtube-dl -cit URL

examples: -(Food Matters {first 8 min}) & (How to Decalcify your Pineal Gland)
youtube-dl -cit

-c picks up where it left of is anything shuts down or interupts the download
-i ignore-errors
-t preserves the title in the file name


- pwd = Print Word Directory , in terminal the command tells what directory you are in
- ls = list (in terminal) - flag -a changes the behavior of ls list results to show all contents of the directory
- tab completion , a feature of bash and most of the modern shells
- cd = change directory
- --help (flag)

Linux Key bindings -

140222 - notes (ask the pros first)

140221 - old notes when i was starting with linux mint 16 mat'e

Linux Mint 16 Petra Mate - Themes - reference
-EyeR- jedi: take a poke around I'm sure you'll finds something that's suitable