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liquid mercury - poisonous metal Mercury Poisoning Symptoms
Mercury element
Metallurgy -

Mercury - poisoning symptoms, in our foods, vaccinations, liquid metal, etc.
- the liquid metal - mercury poisoning
- the planet - astronomy
- the mythical god - mercury dimes
- automobile brand

Mental Mercury poisoning symptoms can include:

•Depression with fatigue and a lack of motivation
•Feelings of hopelessness, fear, or impending doom
•Personal relationships can become impaired
•Becoming shy and avoiding social relationships
•Restlessness, loss of self-control, and poor judgment
•Intelligence can deteriorate as you become dull and slow thinking
•Memory problems from lack of concentration
•Periods of no dreaming activity or dreams become black and white
•Irritability, excitability, fearfulness, restlessness, melancholy, depression, weakness, timidity, fatigue, indecisiveness, and headaches can all be symptoms at one time or another
•Easily upset and embarrassed
•Quarrelsome and neglect work and family
•Loss of patience
•Brain fog

Early physical mercury poisoning symptoms can include:

•Dry Skin
•Ringing in the ears
•Daytime drowsiness
•Loss of appetite
•Cold hands and feet
•Digestive problems
•Increasing sensitivity to light
•Profuse sweating or don't sweat at all
•Reddening of the skin, especially face and neck
•Tendency towards diarrhea alternating with constipation
•Athletes feet and toenail fungus
•Hair becomes dry, brittle, and thin
•Receding gum lines that sometimes are spongy or bleed easily
•Loose teeth, excessive salivation and bad breathe
•Loss of sense of smell and hearing
•A feeling of tightness around the head
•Heart racing for no apparent reason
•Women may experience profuse menses with abdominal pains
•A sensation of rawness in the vaginal tissues
•Puffiness of the face and legs
•The biological clock gets thrown out of whack as a person can shift from and early bird to a night owl