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mIRC (mu-IRC) - Windows best IRC client Chat program

designed by Khaled Mardam Bey

Download latest version of mIRC -
Setup Instructions for mIRC - 7.27 is the latest version.
Benefits of mIRC - DCC File Transfer Get/Send - alias shortcuts...

IRC = Internet Relay Chat
IRC Client Programs - Windows - Mac - Unix - Cell Phone Apps
Screen Shots
System Requirements -(very very low) - 1-2 megabytes

Commands - IRC Commands - mIRC Commands - Network Commands
DCC - Direct Client to Client
Lock-up Troubleshooting - mirc locks up.. resolve
Options & Default Options
mIRC Troubleshooting
Scripting -
Scripts - bible bot
SSL - Secure Connection

mIRC Troubleshooting

Scripts Conflicting - you may need to unload scripts that conflict w/ others
mIRC Lock's Up
-- right click on mIRC.exe, select 'troubleshoot compatability'
This worked to resolve my mIRC from strangely enough, locking up.


IRC - Internet Relay Chat

biblebot test success in mIRC 7.x



SSL - Secure Connection for mIRC

Follow the instructions on the following links.
You will have to download the SSL software.exe
After you have downloaded and installed it,
you must close the mIRC program, and reopen it,
for the SSL secure connection to activate.