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Scripts for mIRC

Bible Bot - King James Version

//run $mircdir - Opens Windows-File Explorer: to the directory where your mIRC .exe or application file is located. In newer versions of mIRC this is often a hidden directory for additional security.

- 121123 - Custom Window loadbuf alias; call up text in custom window
in Aliases (Alt+D)
/index /window -e @Jedi | /loadbuf $+(-t,$1) @Jedi c:\dir\path\filename.txt

create a text file according to the path designated


- A
- B
- C

save as filename designated at path

then in mirc type:

/index triggerword1

you should get a list of what was in under it. such as


in custom window named @Jedi
the -e switch gives the text editbar at the bottom of the
custom window

html code example, to launch mirc to a specified channel
through an html link. This code i initially found for
mIRC, and in Internet Explorer, If mirc as installed
already it would open mirc, connect to the server specified
then open to the channel once connected to the server.
If mIRC was not installed, the link would send the user
to www.mirc.com to download mIRC.

<a href="irc://swiftco.dal.net:+6697/Jedi">#Jedi</a>

Some browsers may not have mIRC set as default irc program
when the "irc: html command is used in link.

Search File
Alias (Alt+D)
In Aliases (Alt+D)
/findfile { /window -l @SearchResults | $findfile($1,$2,0,99,@SearchResults) }

example /findfile c:\Directory\path\ *.htm

alias findfile {
window -l @SearchResults
return @SearchResults $findfile($1,$2,0,@SearchResults)
menu @SearchResults {
Open Folder: { run explorer.exe /select, $+ $sline(@SearchResults,1) }
Open File: { run $sline(@SearchResults,1) }
actually let me do something real quick
alias findfile {
window -c @SearchResults
window -l @SearchResults
return @SearchResults $findfile($1,$2,0,@SearchResults)