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History of Money
  • American Money

    United States Money
  • The U.S. Constitution was set up, (as the spirit of the letter) that our money should be of solid/hard assettes; using gold and silver as an example of standard of trade or exchange of value and wealth.
  • Some have convinced us from a gold standard, to a paper standard (which paper could even be used to insulate a house or even start a fire if your life depended on it), to a plastic standard (which causes noxious/health hazardous fumes when burned) to digital money (which can be hacked or altered without our knowledge or agreement).
  • It's time to get back to hard assetts as means of financial stability; holding on to the valued metals and items that moth and rust do not decay; and onto things that are of true physical value for our health, welfare and use that can be reformed into useable items.

    1923 Silver Certificate Revised

    Silver Certificate
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    1886 Silver Certificate