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Neurology - Medical Bay

Cerebral Cortex
Excersize - Education - IQ Test
Head Ache
Nervous System
Pineal Gland
psych warfare ; drugs & effects

Brain Health
Vitamin B's
Ginseng - helps carry oxygen
Fluoride harms the brain
Mercury harms the brain
Grape Juice for mercury detoxification
- fluoridated water concentrates

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Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland - (Third Eye) - has lens, cornea and rhetina ; calcification of
Flouride calcifies Pineal Gland
Flouride reduces I.Q.
Mercury destroys brain tissue

- (pineal gland)

Regarded as the Third Eye because it literally has a lens, cornea and retina.
- near the center of the brain,
in the shape of a pine cone,
produces three chemicals, saretonin, melatonin and dimethyltriptamine.
- seratonin
- melatonin
- dimethyltriptamine (DMT)
It is the size of a grain of rice.
Pope has a pine cone embossment on his septer
large green pine cone in Vatican
pineal gland relative to ESP, spirituality
Hormone of darness ; melatonin?
deals with timing (puberty ; growth ; reaction, etc)
Calcification - because the gland is unfiltered, flourine or flouride can cause calcification (crystalization) of the pineal gland, when it its most operable state should be soft and maliable.

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Nervous System

Pharma - Nervous System
Acemetophen? - Tylenol