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InfoWars Nightly News - 120713 - Special Report
- But first a 'Special Report' from Aaron Dykes.
- Oriental speaker translation?->*the world is over-armed*
- black speaker (seemingly in Leadership position ; african perhaps) - "I have dedicated my life to persuading young people to give up their arms."
Aaron Dykes:
- Aaron Dykes here with a 'Special Warning'.
- The gun grabbers of this country and at the United Nations are moving right now to try to do an 'end-run' around our 2nd Ammendment.
- Through the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, they are attempting to set up international regulations for the trade of 'small arms' conventional weapons.
- It is ambitious but achieveable.
- So says Secretary General (of the United Nations)
Ban Ki-moon -
Ban Ki-moon:
-'My sincere hope that the member states will agree to a
legally binding treaty, regulating this arms trade.'
- This is a sneak attack on the 2nd Ammendment;
- Just as Obama told the Brady Administration he would unleash.
- This is an attempt to use international regulations to put more beaurocratic red-tape and other controls over the United States.
- Larry Bell warns in his Forbes column;
- that it could enact tougher licensing requirements, creating
beaurocratic red tape for legal firearms ownership.
- Could lead to confiscation and the destruction of
"unauthorized" firearms (exempting those owned by our
government of course).
- Could lead to the ban trade, sale & private ownership of
semi-automatic weapons.
- And further, could give power to the international gun
registry, clearly setting the stage for full-scale gun
- Which has already been partially set up through the
United Nations.
- Worst- It underminds our national sovereignty;
- sheeting even more power to the United Nations, of which we
have already given much away.
- Too much.
- Now if it is signed.
- It would have to be ratified by the U.S. Senate.
- 2/3rds of the Senate.
- And that's a major obstacle,
- Particularly considering that any legislation to control
- After all we Americans do have the right to keep and bear
- It's important to note, that a year ago,
- Senator Jerry Moran and 57 other senators signed a letter,
sent it to Obama;
- Telling him (Obama) not to persue any United Nations treaty
that would effect our civilian ownership of firearms.
- And earlier this year, over 120 members of the House issued
a similar letter to Obama, warning him not to violate our
central 2nd Ammendment rights.
- But it's the fact that this United Nations treaty will use
ambiguous language and easily interpretable language that
makes it so dangerous.
- #1 - The Senate may not recognize the implications it has
on domestic firearms ownership, because it's worded in
international language.
- #2 - And secondly, this treaty may be able to be ramped up
over time, like so many other international agreements.
- Just like all other aspects of our sovereignty,
international globalists conspiring to change our way of life
and create a new system THEY control, have always recognized
that a direct frontal assault on the United States
Constitution is likely to fail.
- Because Americans have been on guard.
- And because at least some in this country remain educated,
about our founding, and about our important way of life.
- That is the very reason they set up the global government
systems. To do an 'end-run' around sovereignty.
- So many agreements. GAT, WTO, NAFTA, the SPP and other
international agreements; either bi-laterally or
- binding other countries together. Work gradually.
- They work Outside of the Constitutional restructions;
- But draw in the net around our country and around other
free peoples.
- In reality it's a double standard.
- Hypocritically allowing the national security shadow
operations to continue; spread conflict around the world,
in the name of achieving global governments.
- And what they have always claimed at the United Nations
would be: "Complete and General Disarmament".
- The United Nations has always been incompatible with the
United States, it's Constitution and it's way of life.
- It was set up to strangle sovereignty and merge nations
into the one world government.
- Where among other things, the right to bear arms is not
- The United Nations has always been for complete and general
disarmament; not only of nations, but it's peoples.
The Atomic Age was born
- By 1957 the International Atomic Energy Agency had been
formed in the premise of disarmament, was sold to the public
on a premise that atomic weapons had become far too dangerous.
- And that it was time to embrace Quote "One World or None".

All men of good will earnestly hope that a realistic control
of atomic weapons can and will be achieved.
- And now the prospect of a nuclear holocaust is certainly
- The actual mechanism of disarmament has completely eroded
away sovereignty;
- first at the nation state level, by underminding the rights
of self defense and declare war;
- and has sadly progressed to underminding individual rights;
- including that to keep and bear arms, under the United States
- In 1959 and 1960, the United States took part in the
United Nations, 'Ten Nation Committee on Disarmament'
- It took on issues of International Nuclear, Chemical and
Biological weapons.
- While it wouldnt last, it would lead to the formation,
in the United States of the 'Arms Control and Disarmament
Agency' under the 1961 'Arms Control and Disarmament Act'
- The legislation had been 'pushed for' by the 'Skull and
Bones' globalist 'John J. McCloy'.
- It too promised not to interfer with or restrict or prohibit
the acquisition, possession or use of firearms by individuals;
- And yet it was a long road in a tangled web.
- By 1963 the United Nations would achieve its 'Partial Test
Ban Treaty'.
- By 1968 the United States would fully enter in to gun control
legislation; passing the 'Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act'
- and later the 'Gun Control Act' of 1968, modeled by
Senator Dodd, on Nazi Germany's gun control legislation from
- The United Nations will continue it's disamrament track,
setting up on the Conference on the Committee of Disarmament,
which would later form the more permanent body;
- 'The Conference on Disarmament' set up in 1979. (or 1969?)
- In 1972 it would pass a Biological Weapons Convention
As you know the genesis of this treaty goes back a long time.
For two decades people have been campaigning on this issue.
- The United Nations was no longer content simply disarming
weapons of "mass destruction".
- By the '80'ss and '90's the United Nations began to take on
conventional weapons.
- And in 1990 that included a treaty on conventional armed
forces in Europe.
- followed by the beginnings of a register of conventional
- Now by 1995 Bill Clinton had passed the assault weapons ban.
- The next year in 1995 Bill turned towards international gun
- Clinton would speak at the 50th anniversary of the United
Nations. Using the platform to beat the drums to go after
conventional and small arms as well. Telling them they should
turn their swords into plowshares, in a hope for world peace.
Bill Clinton:
- 'We should work on conventional weapons.'
- 'from crime syndicates and drug cartels'
- 'each barrier to justices brought down'
- 'each sword turned into a plowshare'
- That same year Clinton would urge the United Nation to begin
a study on small arms, on December 1995.
- That report would be published two years later, and would
discuss openly in the header the Complete and General
Disarmament of small arms weaponry.
- From that time forward the United Nations would pass
literally dozens of treaties and agreements;
- Many of them dealing just in Africa;
- But all of them dealing with small arms, conventional
weapons, parts for firearms, and even ammunition.
- The 2001 'South African Development Community Protocol'
would not only take on so-called elicite trade of firearms,
but would begin to curtail small arms ownership as well;
- creating a legal basis to deal with with both legal and
illegal firearms in South Africa.
- And by 2005 there would be an International Tracing set up
and adopted generally at the United Nation's level.
- From Bill Clinton in the '90's to President *Calderone in
Mexico in the years 2010 to 2009 and Hilary Clinton and Obama
of the current administration;
- They have all blamed the illegal flow of weapons south as a
tool to try to reign on the 2nd Ammendment and create greater
Barack Obama:
- 'I have never favored, uh, all-out ban on handguns.'
Jesse Jackson?:
- 'and really brainwashed people into thinking about guns in
a vastly different way.'
Hilary Clinton
-'try and keep guns away from people who shouldn't have them.'
- Looking to Fast and Furious, we can see how 'talking points'
about stopping the illegal flow of weapons; Keeping weapons
from getting in the hands of drug cartels and violent
'non-state' actors, plays into the United Nation's larger
attempt to reign(rain?) in guns.
- Now, The United Nations knows it cannot directly target
the United States domestic ownership of firearms;
- Because of the 2nd Ammendment
- And so, the Fast and Furious documents have shown how the
Obama Administration's, Eric Holder, Attorney General and
other people inside the ATF and related organizations all
deliberately put guns into the hands of drug cartels in order
to demonize the 2nd Ammendment and put more beaurocratic red
tape around arms dealers in the South-West.
- And redeploying 100 personell to the South-West Border in
the next 45 days. To fortify its 'Project Gun-Runner',
which is aimed at disrupting arms trafficing, between the
United States and Mexico.
- We are working with the Mexicans specificly to facilitate
gun tracing.. Ah.. Activity that targets illegal weapons,
and their sources in the United States.
- We saw that directly from the policy at the ATF. telling the
four South-West border states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and
- that they would now have to do extra paperwork on automatic
- Now, here at the present 2012, the United Nations Arms Trade
Treaty, we further see the Mexican deligation telling the
other representatives of the world, that the 2nd Ammendment
is no excuse' for not having "product controls on products
traded across borders".
- That's using international beaurocratic legal lawyer speak
to try to attack the 2nd Ammendment covertly.
- The errosion of our 2nd Ammendment is not going to happen
overnight; but it is going to happen incrimentally over
different agreements over the decades, gradually drawing in
the net.
- That's really what we need to watch out for here.
- And because the United Nations treaty will explicitly say
it doesn't go after the US and other domestic nation's right
to have arms;
- It will appear as if it is not infringeing on that right,
but nothing could be further from the truth.
- We must always be vigilant; always be on-guard; and always
say 'No.' to gun control; because that is submission to
- I'm Aaron Dykes, for the InfoWars Nightly News.

- This transcript i typed out, by ear, perhaps with some errors
you may wish to correct on your own. But i felt that the
information was important enough to share.

- You can download the original InfoWars Nightly News broadcast
of July 13, 2012 in .mp4 format (QuickTime supported) at: