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- No Team No Dream
- Mission : Find helper before i totally give up on having the will to live.
- The Hyenas Curse - the Laughing Chew - Their preference of those that serve me
- Move On, Leave Sanctity Behind

- Do not trust atoms. They make up everything.
- Men to the left because Women are always right!

Dance movements of the Dancing Violinist

-Forgotten Helper, Forsaken Helper
- ~Torus shaped arm movements~;~Katy Perry~Rise~
- The Unforgiven Heretic - Matthew 7:1 ; Gen 12:3

Experiencing effects of others out of the "Convicts Book of Destruction"? or is that just a chapter?

- Ron toxified area upstairs in the hall before my room again with aerosol disinfectant spray. The very same for which his sister accused me of doing, that she claimed, even to the police that it made her cough up blood.
- To avoid traversing the toxic barrier, i decided to open my window and smoke in my room. For i believe it is less toxifying to smoke a cigarette than to inhale aerosol disinfectants.
- Is he really trying to poison me a third time at least here? Is this criminal intent to repeat poisoning upon me, even after Cathy informed him that it made her cough up blood?