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Lindsey Stirling - Crew

USS Stirling - NCC-2018

Lindsey Stirling - Dancing Violinist
Drew Steen - Percussion
Kit Nolans - Keyboards
Phelba - comical support
Erich - Tour Manager
Ryan -
Trevor -

Captain: Lindsey Stirling

Commander: Gavi - (Jason Gaviati) - & Tribute

Keyboardist for Lindsey from her first tour 2012
Friend and 'like a brother' to Lindsey

Passed away - November 21, 2015
while struggling for months with Burkit Lymphoma.
~ Transformed into the Light side of the Force ~

Commander: Drew Steen

Drew Steen - Purcussion
Drummer for Lindsey from her first tour 2012

Lt. Commander: Kit Nolans

Kit Nolans - Keyboards
Keyboardist since late 2015

Lindsey and her Other Girls

Addie Byers
Malece Miller

Addie Byers
Dancer for Lindsey beginning Music Box Tour

E-Flat - Stowaway
volunteer Lindsey Stirling music test rat

Results are in!
Please send message to Piers Morgan:
"Zero rats strangled."

in fact i think this one wants to play along