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Lindsey Stirling - Ascendance

Jedi Master Violinist - Lindsey Stirling - Ascendance - (Fan Video)
- [Jediael7] - Stardate: 151015
- [4:29] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JWyty4O0pA

This is an Unofficial video, a contribution to Lindsey, family, friends, fans and promotors. Thank You for bringing such Light in Art of sight and sound to our hearts, minds and souls. Here abides the efforts of many talented artists. Congradulations Lindsey on *Youtube Music Awards ~ Artist of the Year* ... - Lindsey's music alone is a ~Super blessing~. To see her dance as she does while playing the violin is to say the least... extraordinary.
- She encourages other artists also to 'practice'. As that is how she has said she has become so good at what she is doing now.
- To find such a talented artist who forms art in music and such beautiful violin dance poses, is an artist's dream come true.
- I was fortunate enough to actually see her live, purchased both of her albums and looking forward to her future performances.
- She is a woman of many talents (to say the least): Dancing violinist, composer, lyricist, singer, actor, director and she even graduated with a science degree shortly after I saw her Live this year. Lindsey Stirling is The best 'musical performing artist' I have seen in my lifetime.
- I hit an off note. - the name of her song is Ascendance , with an a not an e. (Sorry I had a Phelba moment)
The Jedi symbol star reminds me of the Cyrstaline Entity from Star Trek, or a Lightsaber Crystal for Crystallize and the wings for Take Flight. Most excellent hits from each of her first two albums
~The Force is strong with this one~

Lindsey Notes:

Jediael7 - youtube
Official Fan of Lindsey Stirling & Family

School Senior plays Ascendance at Talent Show
- Ascendance- Lindsey Stirling (AHS Talent Show 2016)
- [Sarah Leiby]
- [4:31] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XerCegsLVvk