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Elements - Lindsey Stirling


Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)
- [Lindsey Stirling] - Stardate: 120908
- [4:06] -

130817 - Elements - Manila - Greenbelt 3 Park
- Lindsey Stirling - Elements (Live in Manila)
- [June Yanagiya]
- [3:50] -
- Rare - Lindsey and Gavi - Drew /percussion not present

150604 - Elements - Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Lindsey Stirling - Elements [LIVE]
- [Janus Da' Niccolo]
- [4:17] -

Lindsey said I made her day?! =) June 21, 2015 ~ She made my years brighter :)

i respond to Lindsey Stirling (Jediael7 aka Andrew H) over a year later...

The text in the picture above is too small for even me to read, so i typed my later responses for quick read access:

Marina Hishikawa
Wait Landmark, as in Japan?

+Lindsey Stirling - I am glad I made your day... even if it was a year ago, i just noticed... lol. You made my years brighter.
May Zizi's Journey be filled with love, light, courage, empowerment & strength to increase yet further on your many skills that bring joy to the hearts of millions. :)
(Jediael7 aka Andrew H)

Marina Hishikawa - Landmark Theatre as in Syracuse, New York, USA. Lindsey performed there June 12, 2015.

+Lindsey Stirling - My keyboardist friend wants to see you again. He was the one playing "Revolutionary Etude" by Chopin on the balcony piano after your concert at the Landmark. He also has a doctorate in naturopathy medicine, hint.. look into for boosting immune systems. ~Spirit blessings from both of us~
(Andrew H and George P)