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The Arena - Lindsey Stirling - Brave Enough

The Arena - Lindsey Stirling (official)
[Lindsey Stirling]
[4:06] -

Lindsey dances with Derek Hough. I had at first made comment that he looked like Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor and George Kirk in Star Trek 11.
Since i have heard others refer to Lindsey as the Violin goddess, she has been called Princess and Queen. It is only fitting to compare this dance collaboration with Natalie Portman and Thor. They are both considered Queens, and it appears like she is dancing with someone that looks a little bit like someone who was considered a god! :)

So many messages & lessons to consider within this video...

The Dance moves were Apex (Top), the word contortionist came to mind. Like Wow most women should NOT try this at home! LOL