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Lindsey Stirling - Where Do We Go - [Brave Enough]

Where Do We Go - feat. Carah Faye

Lindsey Stirling - Where Do We Go (feat. Carah Faye) *LIVE* Providence, Rhode Island 7/12/2016
- [Jayson Giani]
- [3:55] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhsvVRmRZoI
- This live performance recording is the first time I heard this song from her 3rd album "Brave Enough" not yet released at the time of recording.

When I attended the Lindsey Stirling concert July 26, 2016 Erie, PA Warner Theatre, and saw the name "Carah Faye" on the main screen at the beginning of the opening. I was like "Yes!!!" ; And then to hear...What a voice on her!!!. I think Lindsey is selecting her singers wisely. :)
- Even though the show was still part of her Music Box Tour , the 2016 Summer Tour had enough changes in songs, arrangements, lighting and graphics that it was almost a completely different concert than the Music Box Tour concert I saw in June 2015.