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Respiratory - Medical Bay

Lung Care - Excersize
Bronchitis - smoking cannabis opens passages
Lung Cancer - Harvard using THC to Cure

Pneuma Thorax - collapsed lung

Subcutaneous Emphazima - (crepidous?)
Crepidus? - condition relative to a hole or breakage in the lung wall that allows for the escape of air into relative parts of the body; As for report of coughing with Pneuma Thorax, may inflate areas under the skin, in between muscles, as a pneuma thorax on the right side with collapsed lung 'puffed up' areas around the right arm, the right arm becoming numb, puffiness in upper back and upper chest areas , as well as collar bone and neck. When pressed against lightly, it may have the feel of small bubbles in areas where puffed up.

- Surgery of stapling or suturing the lung into place was part of the process.

zofran - nausia - liquid intravenous