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Soap - Automotive
Soap - Floors
Soap - Hypoallergenic
Soap - Industrial
Soap - Laundry
Soap - Personal Cleansing
Soap - Red Clay
Soap - Walls

Clean Soaps
Hand Soap - Zion Heath Ancient Clay Soap - Mountain Rain
Hand Soap - Five Star Soap - Coconut Oil - cauldron method
Shampoo - Zion Health - Adama Clay Minerals Shampoo - 100% Vegan
Conditioner - Zion Health - Adama Clay Minerals Conditioner

Irritants added to soaps
Products List containning Irritants

121203 - The Five Star Soap Company , founder, i was told,
was formerly in World War II, where they were looking
for chemicals and agents that would cause the enemy to
take off their clothing layers to be more exposed to
whatever they were dropping on the enemy.
- years later, it is said that he found chemical compounds
that they were planning to use on the enemy... in SOAPS
on the store shelves for comsumer use here in the U.S. !

Hand Soap - Organic: - Zion Heath - Ancient Clay Soap - Mountain Rain

The bar looks darker red, seems to much light in this picture.
Suds up good
Long-lasting bar - doesn't melt away quickly like some bar soaps
I even feel comfortable useing it as a shampoo, to cleanse my hair,
though they do make a shampoo (100% Vegan, no-less). :)