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Windows Operating Systems

Since when is making advancements going backwards?

micro$oft seems to have a history of removing ability to use purchased programs that work, to upgrades that void the use of purchased products.

With every advancement in operating sytems, from DOS-win3.1-win95-win98-XP-Win7-Win8 there has come LOSS to the user of the previous operating systems.

Loss of time, for retrainning for microsoft changing primary standards.

Windows 8 - (Win 7 RT) - Vista 8 - ERROR - WhoWhatWhereWhenWhyHow?
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98 se
Windows 95
Windows 3.11

Windows Media Player
- Older Versions

Windows 8 - Vista 8

High difficulty navigating
No 'Search' option in File Explorer
Desktop News - Corporate choice, not your own alternative selections
Is Micro$oft Taking power from the people incrimentally?

<JediAEL> Trying to navigate Windows 8 for the beginning user, or experienced Windows user of the past ,"is like finding an alien computer system on a Starship you want to fly, and taking quite a while to figure out the navigational controls'

Win 8 Wallpaper

- User Friendly Test Result - desire to format and go to alternative OS.
- NOT User Friendly
- Start Menu - Forced Corporate Media Spam - Unable to Change
- Spams copy paste to VuePrint - ruins picture
- Movie Maker - download - (not provided with Windows 8)
- Enter the Ruin of Media Player (No Controls, No menu bar, no playlist options)
- Media Player Upgrades - Forces to download windows 8 in older OS's

Late November 2012 i bought a new HP Laptop with Windows 8;
Windows 7 RT, perhaps they are even confused on the version?

The advertisement said Windows 8, but when i typed //say $os
on IRC, to tell what OS i was running. i got a return of 7.
Which means i was running Windows 7,
then i find that Windows 8 is also called Windows 7 RT.

A few days after i purchased this unit, there were
already many review pages out on the net that refered
to Windows 8 as Vista 8.

Cant find 'show desktop.scf'


File Exlorer (Windows Explorer replacement) - Windows 8
File Explorer - Search - There is NO Search option whe you right click on a directory such as [c:\] , you get popups. One of them is Share.. WTF! - Like i want to SHARE things when i can't even find a way to FIND the files i want to SEARCH for!!!!

Successful Search! - Using mIRC to search for files in directories directories

Most kids and newer computer users have no clue as to what rocked the 90's.
IRC was THE place to be for power at your fingertips. And it still works.
Power to the People is still through IRC. It's just been under-promoted for 10 years.

And using This Script: in aliases

/findfile {
  window -l @SearchResults
  return @SearchResults $findfile($1,$2,0,@SearchResults)
menu @SearchResults {
  Open Folder: { run explorer.exe /select, $+ $sline(@SearchResults,1) }
  Open File: { run $sline(@SearchResults,1) }


Use command example:
/findfile c:\directory\path\ *filename*.htm


/findfile c:\Jedi\c\ *.*

Search Results: in mIRC Custom Window:

Credits: phreakshow on in #HelpDesk

Internet Explorer errors: